Do We Use the Word “Sorry” Properly?

A simple word

How many times a day we say this word? In other words, how many sorry escapes your mouth in an instance? I would write down its definition but it would be ridiculous, wouldn’t it? I mean, yes, we know what does it mean. But, do we know when it has to be said? And why we should?

Let us confess something, we sometimes say it in awkward situations or if we inadvertently did something wrong. We just say it. Not a big deal. We say sorry like it’s a greeting. We use it so frequently. Still, not really a big deal. There are sometimes a one that we say, but we feel it. We feel the need to say it. You need to say sorry to someone who failed a college course, failed in any relationship, lost a job, or lost a dear one. We just feel sorry.

“I feel sorry, my dear.”

But, wait, even “I feel sorry” we say it a bunch of times. Do we really feel? So, there’s a need to say it and simply a feeling to say it. Most importantly, is this feeling coming from an urge to say it? Is the feeling overwhelming enough? Lots of questions.


All mistakes need an apology depending on the situation. Imagine you asking someone to say sorry because he/she said sorry without feeling it? Total exaggeration, don’t you think? Enough questions. The problem is that not all people can distinguish between a real Sorry and a fake Sorry. It’s that simple. Also, we cannot assume that someone is not feeling it. Body-language-freaks out there wait a second we’re not crossing you guys. But, we’re speaking for regular individuals that have no interest in understanding and mastering the art of body language. Assumptions can be misleading sometimes. Whether you consider yourself an intuitive or not, still it’s pretty hard to tell.

High level of regret

People say sorry for other people. It’s an every day activity. At the same time, they don’t feel sorry for themselves. Let us contradict this though, they do feel sorry for themselves but in a bad way. We all heard someone’s saying that he feels sorry for himself at his worst and darkest moments. They mistreat themselves by justifying lots of stuff for others. Think about it. Read the word Sorry… What did you see in your head? Two people, right? One who’s in regret, the other is probably angry? That’s it. We always treat it at that same level. We use it for so many purposes, even if we are lying saying it, but truth to be told, we don’t say it to ourselves. We are waking up every morning. Brushing our own teeth. Showering and cleansing our own bodies and rewarding ourselves with those pleasurable freshening scents. At the same time, we decide to give away all the apologies and regrets to others. We say all kinds of “sorry”, however, this one in particular we don’t even bother saying. Maybe this sounds ridiculous. But, remember that saying sorry is never a shame. It’s not considered as a crime or a sin.

You know what I really think? I think we should apologies for ourselves for each time we caused it pain. For treating it bad. Simply, for not saying sorry.

So sorry

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