We Are Bodies Within Boxes

Are we aware of everything? Do we really know, with all the knowledge we carry within ourselves, how life on this planet works?

Humans developed many educational fields and studies. We spend nearly our whole lives learning, investigating, questioning, searching, and sometimes doubting. Some of us create a great life to live, while spending the spare of our time destroying others’ lives. The destruction of life might not always be attached to people’s lives, but it might be plants, animals, or the whole planet. Each one of us wakes up every morning searching for a purpose. What am I going to do today? Who am I? The purpose might be the plan of the day and how to finish your work tasks. Others, however, are not concerned about these frivolous things because they’re searching for their inner selves, their real purpose in this universe. Being a human is a privilege that has its own burden.

The box

Everyone of us has his/her own box. Waking up everyday with it. Some are working so hard to create it. This box has our beliefs, past, experiences, regrets, flaws, pains, aspirations, passion, and narcissism. We can always add more to this list. Take a glance at everyone on the street walking by. Look how everyone of them is within the box. Or maybe observe how people are constantly fighting on social media about something. Everyone feels fully protected and secure inside his/her box. Try to throw something at him, so then his box will refuse and eliminate this intrusive thought.

Who even cares?

Being inside this box leads us to be aware only of ourselves. Consequently, we are less concerned about others. This high level of self-absorption causes a huge impact of the way we react and communicate with each other. It simply causes a gap between us as human beings. The self-love, self-care, and self appreciation all can be misleading us to a selfish version of ourselves without being aware of it. It’s interesting to see that some people spend most of their time caring about others, but whenever they experience and survive a bad relationship with a partner or a friend they used to care about, they just get back inside their box. They stop caring. It’s no more useful to them. It doesn’t make them feel good about themselves anymore because they may be thinking that they were being used. Self-love is something to be praised, yet not to be exaggerated to a limit that leads to selfishness and madness.

Do NOT think out of the box

It just feeds our narcissism. This box makes us stronger. Being inside it helps us have all the words that we can use whenever we feel attacked. Being outside the box, it means vulnerability. Defeat. Not valuable. Less sophisticated. The arguments and conversations would be useless. Being silent on this planet might have multiple meanings. The only obvious reason in this case is that we have nothing to say because we’re not being reasonable with our thoughts. They would say “he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. That’s why he got nothing to say. That’s the reason behind those moments of silent.”

A bigger box

Being inside your box makes you strong, but sometimes it’s not enough. Humans are afraid of loneliness even if they said they’re not. No one can bear the thought of being alone. Yes, you can sometimes. But it’s only sometimes. Not your whole life. You can accept the fact that you’re lonely. However, one day this dominant loneliness will dissipate. There are people out there that seek to be heard and be the ones in control of everything, or at least the only ones to have a voice. It’s only a one voice. It represents all of us. We all have a common ground. We don’t need voices of our own. One voice is absolutely sufficient.

Featured image by Josh Sorenson

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