The Funny Side of Truth

I guess most people like being told what they want to hear? Or at least the things that they feel might be true. We all ask for the truth and we don’t rest assured unless we’ve been informed of it. The truth is like a cake that nobody asked for but it’s still, a cake! Such a ridiculous metaphor, isn’t it?

Now, throughout a few life experiences, I realized that most people, including myself, have that sense of agony when the truth doesn’t fit our imaginary world. Reality is something that is way bigger than what we expected. Harsh. Nevertheless, I find it quite funny. Yup. The truth might be funny sometimes that it can make you crack of laughter. It’s amusing to me how it can be immensely contradictory to my anticipation.

Photo by Jake Weirick

Wondrous truth

Wonder is the seed of accepting. That’s what I truly feel. No other cure to it, but to be opened to wonder of how our truth is growing inside us as a close friend, however, a true one. A friend that is fondly connected to us and loyal. A true friend that won’t risk hurting us. Yes, I know. Truth does hurt sometimes. As long as you feed it your wonder, as time goes by, it becomes too frail to hurt. The stains of the scars and old pain will remain. I’m not gonna lie about that.

I personally found that people want you to lie to them in order not to hurt them. They won’t even confess to themselves that they want the lie. I guess it’s human nature or we’ve been subconsciously taught to run away from any potential pain coming our way. Who knows…

It’s still funny how we all share the same experience with the truth yet we still give it the satisfaction of falling into its pain trap.

Featured photo by Markus Winkler


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