Humor Is Actually the Answer

The most feeling that I really hate, besides fear, is anger. I can’t say that I’m an aggressive person, and I don’t get easily angry. You need a lot of effort to make me angry. Besides, I keep my anger to myself most of the times, and I wait for the very last moment for you to behave yourself until I suddenly snap at you. When I trace back all of the few situations that I was infuriated, I see that maybe I should’ve reacted differently. Like, when a completely disrespectful driver tries to drag me with him to his shi**y mental world, why didn’t I try making some weird gestures with my hands along with some goofy facial expressions? This would have stated clearly to him that I don’t care. I’m sure you know that anyone who’s angry would be so satisfied if he successfully pissed you off. So, why even bother satisfying those people?

When it comes to me, I’d rather spend my last minutes in life laughing instead of feeding on anger or fear. The way that comedy works has been always interesting to me. How it can lighten up a room. How it can be a bridge between you and a stranger. You don’t know each other, but you still can share a laugh. I say a supposedly funny thing to the waitress and she cracks up laughing, even though I did not intend to be funny, but still it’s very calming to me to see someone laughing on whatever nonsense came up out of my mouth.

There’s no other feeling on this planet that makes me feel so good than laughing so hard. It has an energy. You feel more alive. Whenever I feel down, I just search for anything that would make me laugh. YouTube is there for me to watch more ridiculous vlogs, SNL skits, or rewatch Zach Galifianakis’s Between Two Ferns. Sometimes I just feel going back to Martin Short’s appearances on talk shows. There’s no other living man that can make me laugh so hard more than Martin Short.

Photo by Tim Mossholder

Laughter is so contagious, which makes it even better. It’s like putting your pain on pause. Announcing that enough is enough and it’s time for me to take a break. Humor and comedy, as I mentioned in a previous post, are nothing but a lifestyle. Some people might think that humor is something that only gifted people are lucky to have, but I disagree. Main reason is because everyone can laugh, which is enough to me. If you can laugh, you’re still lucky. So lucky to share the experience of extreme delight.

Nothing to me feels as good as laughing incredibly hard.

— Steve Carell

I’m in a period of time in my life right now that I try with all me strength to turn each bad moment into something that I can laugh at. For instance, I’ve been to a job interview. I did all good until I knew that the committee had some few people who are into IT. They knew everything about object oriented programming. Lucky me, did not prepare for such a committee. I should’ve refreshed my mind about Java programming language because guess what? Most of the questions were about Java. The funny thing is that I left the interview super confident until I revised my answers and most of them weren’t completely correct. That showed how unprepared I was. I don’t know if they cared about that, but I actually did. I just don’t like to appear unprepared for something. It makes me feel bad about myself, and I don’t care what others think. Ultimately, I remembered all the correct answers and told myself, “it’s enough for me that I know how good I am. It’s okay because I thought just a one recruiter will interview me not the whole IT department!” What is funny, and made me laugh is that I recalled how good I felt exiting the building, and seeing how bad I was after I revised my answers. What a world, ha? Like, I exited the building feeling that I crushed the whole world with my intelligence, until I was at home feeling how loser I am that I failed answering questions about the most thing that I’m interested in, object oriented programming. I felt sad. Bad. Laughed. Moved on. Those last two words were a lie, which is funny too.

A list of my favorite comedians

  • Martin Short
  • Steve Carell
  • Zach Galifianakis
  • Melissa McCarthy
  • Will Ferrell
  • Kristen Wiig

Featured image by Ashley Jurius.

2 responses to “Humor Is Actually the Answer”

    • Yup, Will Ferrell always says and does funny things, but at the same time he’s always so serious and pretends like everything is totally normal.


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