Reasons Why I Worry About Climate Change

I guess I’m not the only one who has that guilt. The guilt of waiting and doing nothing. Yes, I still use plastic. I go grocery shopping where they make me go home with tons of necessary and unnecessary plastic bags. After I empty those plastic bags, I either toss them into the cabinet for another day or throw them away in a bigger plastic bag. I go to grab a plastic cup of coffee from Starbucks. I might be consuming beef more than I should. Now, did I do something about that? Did I stop? Did I consider change? No.

❝ We are forewarned — everything the scientists have been telling us will happen for 30 years now, is happening — but bigger and faster than predicted.❞

— John Kerry

Angela Dewan, CNN

The more I educate myself about climate change, the more guilt I feel and the more lonely I become. Why? Because I feel so many people are drifting away with other perpetual political dilemmas, and If you come to discuss climate change, you’d find that no one is interested. No one wants to listen. No one but you that feel the fear of losing your home, country, and most importantly dreams. I’ve seen so many people’s dreams being crushed by climate change. Man and his greed to achieve more and more success has become nothing but a villain that steps on other’s dreams.

Will we stop soon?

I hate to be sure about stuff, but I’m not gonna lie. I feel one day we are all going to wake up and see what have we done. I wanted to write this post to share my feelings and educate about climate change until I found out that I’m no different than anyone else. I share the same guilt and big carbon footprint as any other human. What makes it harder that I’m aware of the problem, and I’m still keeping track of where are we heading by reading articles on a daily basis.

People on social media are so divided. Wait… We are all divided not only on social media even in real life. Politically, socially, even humanly divided. When it comes to Earth, we are also divided whether climate crisis is real or not. People are dying in some countries. They’re fighting their way through life just to survive and live normally. They just want shelter or an access to clean water and electricity. Out there in this tiny little world there are people that still eager to express themselves to their government, they’re craving freedom. They might not know how does it feel to be free. With that being said, it’s may be harder for us to fight our way through all of this chaos to spread our message about climate change.

Another thing I observed that people need some kind of a figure that they can follow, so then they can start taking action. Most of the famous climate change activists and environmentalists are under the observation whether they’re contradicting what they say and believe in or not. People take this as an excuse of not taking action. “He is driving his gas car. What a hypocrite! Oh, he’s on an airplane! Didn’t you say this is bad to Earth? I bet you had a ribeye steak, too. Why should we even follow and believe in what you’ve been saying?!”

Just a final thought, we are all in denial. And that sums it up.

Featured image by Alto Crew

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