I Like You But…

It all started when humans thought of this meaningful idea; there must be a way to hurt someone without being too offensive to the other person, so why don’t we find a word for it? Hmm… Yes, got it. It’s But!

Exceptions can be really annoying. Yes, it is pretty much like that itchy spot on your nose. You just have to scratch it no matter how long you wait for it to go away. Exceptions must be told. Use the magic word, “but.”

This word can really change the whole mood of the room. Three letters that can really alter the possibility of you quoting what the other is saying, however, he pronounced the word! He damaged everything with that. He destroyed the opportunity of you quoting him. “You see, I really loved your work and your effort, but nobody here cares about-…” What the hell?!

Let’s just imagine the same scenario without using the word but. I would suggest finding another scenario where a woman dumbing her boyfriend or asking her husband for a divorce, “You are a wonderful partner and things don’t seem to work out between us. I will always love you but I need a divorce.” Painful one.


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