Finding yourself can be hard and tricky. Writing can be a tool that leads you to a part of yourself. Not trying to educate by saying that, of course. But that was the main reason I created this blog. In this blog, you’ll find me writing my thoughts, my personal beliefs, and my concerns about everything on this planet.

As someone who is really interested in music composition and human behavior, I’d say that writing music and putting up words together are the most things that make this life even more interesting. I’m always open to learn more about people, especially the ones that I don’t share any social or cultural background with. This whole thing is an opportunity to me. An opportunity to share with the whole world our collective concerns and thoughts about us. About who we are and what we want us to be.

In case you’ve been waiting for this, I’m Ahmed AlFailakawi. I am from a small country in the Middle East called Kuwait. I’ve studied Computer Engineering and I’m currently working as a Software Developer. Not much to say but a young man blogging his mind out. Hopping for a better world that knows nothing but love.

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